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Gang Beasts v0.2.4 Cheat Codes: How to Spawn Secret Items and Have More Fun

Gang Beasts v0.2.4 Cheat Codes: How to Spawn Secret Items and Have More Fun

Gang Beasts is a hilarious multiplayer game where you can fight with your friends or strangers in various modes and maps. The game is full of physics-based chaos and ragdoll physics that make every punch, kick, and throw hilarious. But did you know that you can also spawn secret items in the game using cheat codes?

Gang Beasts v0.2.4 cheat codes

In this article, we will show you how to use cheat codes in Gang Beasts v0.2.4 and what items you can spawn with them. These cheat codes work on PC and PS4 versions of the game, but you will need an extendable keyboard to use them on PS4[^2^]. To use cheat codes, you need to go to local mode and type the number keys 1-9 on your keyboard. Each number key will spawn a different item in the game[^1^]. Here are the items you can spawn and their effects:

  • 1 key: Black hole. This item will suck everything near it into a black hole, including yourself and other players. Be careful not to get too close to it or you will be gone forever.

  • 2 key: Crazy magnet. This item will attach itself to a random location and attract or repel all magnetic objects in the game, such as dumpsters, balls, and beef boxes. You can use this item to create some crazy scenarios and mess with your opponents.

  • 3 key: Small balls. This item will spawn a bunch of small balls that bounce around the map. You can use them as projectiles or just have fun with them.

  • 4 key: Big balls. This item will spawn a few big balls that are much heavier and harder to move than the small ones. You can use them to crush your enemies or roll them around.

  • 5 key: Beef boxes. This item will spawn some boxes with beef logos on them. They are similar to the regular boxes in the game, but they have a different appearance.

  • 6 key: Dumpster. This item will spawn a large dumpster that you can use as a weapon or a hiding place. You can also throw other players or items into it.

  • 7 key: Beef. This item will spawn a piece of raw beef that you can pick up and throw at other players. It has no special effect, but it looks funny.

  • 8 key: Unknown. This item is a mystery and we don't know what it does. Maybe you can find out for yourself.

  • 9 key: Confetti. This item will spawn some confetti that will fly around the map and create a festive atmosphere.

These cheat codes are not official and they may not work on future versions of the game. They are also not meant to be used in online mode, as they may cause lag or glitches for other players. Use them at your own risk and have fun with them.

Gang Beasts v0.2.4 is a fun and chaotic game that you can enjoy with your friends or strangers online. But if you want to spice things up a bit, you can try using these cheat codes to spawn secret items and create some hilarious situations. Just remember to be respectful of other players and don't ruin their experience with these cheats. e0e6b7cb5c


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