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Mergest Kingdom Cheats and Hacks: How to Get Unlimited Resources and Items

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mergest kingdom wiki

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The Blemmyes (600 BC-8th Century AD) was a nomadic Nubian tribal kingdom from the Sudan. With their capital at Ptolemais Theron, they possessed agrarian wisdom and desert warriors, boosting their capabilities as a nation.

The Blemmyes were a peaceful Nubian desert people living near Meroe, south of the Ptolemaic Empire. In 267 BC the Egyptians invaded their kingdom and King Amanitenmemide was killed in battle with their armies, and the Egyptians occupied their capital of Ptolemais Theron. However, their military power rose after the fall of Egypt to the Roman Republic in 47 BC, and they resisted the Romans to the north. In 197 AD they aided Pescennius Niger during the Roman Civil War, but General Marcus Aurelius Probus crushed the Blemmyes in 280, after several wars. By the 8th century AD, the empire had ended, replaced by the Bejas.

Mergest Kingdom is a charming merge puzzle game that lets you build your own kingdom by matching various resources in groups of 3. Start building your fairytale kingdom by completing quests and matching hundreds of objects!FeaturesMine and harvest resourcesMergest Kingdom features hundreds of objects that can be combined in groups of 3 to create new items. You start by combining raw resources which transform into something new - like a house. Then, the houses can be combined to make a bigger house, and so on. You can merge anything from dragons to gems and trees!

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You have complete freedom to build your magical kingdom exactly how you want. Explore new lands full of mysterious creatures and new resources. Position your buildings, and merge items how you want. This land stretches infinitely.

United Kingdom is a colorful puzzle game in which you can build your own prosperous kingdom. All you need to do this is to merge thousands of identical objects and get new items of a higher level: buildings, plants, animals, gems and much more. Explore magical islands, discover new objects, build various buildings, grow crops and create your own state the way you want it. Complete exciting tasks and get generous rewards. Remember that magical islands are fraught with many mysteries and barriers that can destroy everything around.


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