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Prince Of Tennis Episode 22

Following in the path blazed by Shooting Star Anya and her Killer Shot Star Catcher dodgeball technique, episode 22 of Spy X Family has the show fully embrace its true calling as a sports anime. We get to see the details of the joint mission assigned to agents Twilight and Nightfall in the previous episode. The two spies must become professional amateur tennis players and win an underground tournament, hosted by shady antique collector Cavi Campbell, to prevent the re-ignition of war between Westalis and Ostania. As Anya would put it, "WORLD PEACE IS IN DANGER!"

Prince of Tennis Episode 22

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Of course, the actual reasoning behind the mission is a bit more sensible. Since the end of the war between Westalis and Ostania, rumors have abounded about the existence of a certain document owned by ex-colonel Eric Zacharis. This figure was a pivotal player in brokering the end of the war and was naturally privy to many secrets, which are said to have been recorded in a dossier that has since been lost to time. However, a potential lead on the dossier has been discovered to exist, hidden in one of Campbell's antique paintings. Securing that dossier and ensuring its contents never come to light is critical to maintaining the tenuous peace between the two nations. That's where the tennis tournament comes in - the winner gets to claim a single item from Campbell's collection.

Unsurprisingly, given that this is an underground tournament, all manners of cheating and illegal maneuvers are commonplace - even encouraged for the sake of entertainment and testing new questionable products. Twilight and Nightfall's first opponents are already former legendary tennis champions that would destroy any amateur team. Thankfully, Twilight is a master of dabbling in anything and proceeds to showcase why he's the number one agent at WISE by completely outplaying their opponents. Shocked by his skill, their opponents instead try to target Nightfall, thinking she's the weak link in the team. Except she proves to be equally skilled as Twilight in tennis, but with infinitely less reservation and patience to their absolute dismay.

At this point, the two agents become a dark horse favorite among the betting spectators. Even when faced against the Boric brothers, who are using government-backed performance steroids and have turned into what can only be described as (barely) sentient slabs of muscle meat, the pair of agents come out ahead. Incidentally, Nightfall showcases her brute strength by rendering both roid-ragers on the brink of death with merciless volleys to their various organs. With little resistance, the two reach the finals without a single loss and square off against Campbell's own tennis-prodigy children, Carrol and Kim.

While completing the mission remains the highest priority for both Twilight and Nightfall, the stone-faced female agent has a more long-term secondary objective: prove that she's the most suited woman to stand by Twilight's side (in all facets of life). Throughout the episode, Nightfall continues to imagine Twilight being so impressed with her skill and displays or prowess that he can't help but fawn over her. Ranging from calling her the perfect woman to asking her to be his doubles partner in life, Nightfall's fantasies showcase her true emotions as she practically squeels like a maiden in love.

While this isn't remotely shocking to any viewer who watched last week's episode with Nightfall's introduction, it remains hilarious to hear the sheer contrast between Nightfall's spoken words and her inner monologue. This is all made even better by the performance of her voice actress, Ayane Sakura. However, Nightfall's sheer deadpan manner of speaking completely masks any affection she holds for Twilight, leaving him with the belief that she's merely acting recklessly to advance in the organization. As befitting of an utterly foolish kuudere, Nightfall even slaps away Twilight's hand when he checks her for injuries. Her subsequent look (aka. emotionless glare) leaves him aghast with the belief that she's furious at his concern, while she's actually gushing with a mixture of joy, love, and (concerningly) lust towards Twilight.

However, it's Nightfall's reason for falling in love with Twilight that is the most poignant part of her character in this episode. She admired Twilight for being the ideal role model of a spy, someone who was willing to sacrifice everything about himself to ensure the sake of peace. It's why she chased after him initially, hoping to catch up to the man who taught her to be the spy she is today. At some point that admiration evolved into love, and she wants nothing more than to desperately prove that she has reached the caliber necessary to stand by him as an equal. Even if she can't win his heart today, she wants to be someone he can count on, so she steels herself to not leave the mission solely up to Twilight.

Though the episode is largely focused on Twilight and Nightfall's efforts in the tennis tournament, it also gives us a subtle look at how the Forger family is changing both Loid (Twilight's alias) and Yor's outlook on life. Twilight preached in the past that spies were expendable tools, yet he shows concern towards Nightfall when he notices that she's been overexerting herself in the tournament. It's just one of many gradual shifts in Twilight's mannerisms towards a gentler approach throughout Spy X Family, but is remarkably important as he's even applying it to a fellow WISE agent. Given that he initially kept his family and spy mentalities largely separate, it shows the steady blurring of lines between his identities.

With the mission on the line, Twilight and Nightfall will have to put all of their spy training to use to eke out a victory, as their opponents continue to ramp up their cheating. All is fair in love (tennis) and war (for Twilight's heart) after all.

Fiona tells Loid that she has the plan to enter the area, though. Meanwhile, we Segway toward an underground tennis court where a doubles match wraps up. Many people in the crowd complain after losing money they wagered. Loid and Fiona show up to the tournament in disguises and seem to be participating in the events. Fiona highlights how Campbell and the club organizers sponsor this underground tennis tournament.

The Prince of Tennis Match! Tennis Juniors is a sports Chinese Mandarin-language series starring Peng Yuchang, Dong Li, and Zhang Yijie. It is based on the manga written and illustrated by Takeshi Konomi. It was released in China in 2019, then became available for streaming on December 4, 2019 on Netflix as an original series. This series is about a student returning to China to beat his father in tennis, but he learned to strive through better things because of his teammates.

Wait, the anime is ending in April? Shinpachi didn't remember stuff that was said a year ago. Gintoki explains the number by the episode title, and reveals that the numbers had been there week after week since the countdown episode. Gintoki doesn't like having a movie right after the show ends for various reasons and also doesn't want people to be fooled by the tickets. From there, even though he warns the audience to not be tricked by it, they air a short commercial for the movie that also states the anime's end.

Shinpachi is excited for the upcoming final arc anime but Gintoki and Kagura tells him it's not ready yet,so they announce to the viewers a rerun series of past episodes called Yorinuki Gintama-san while showing them a preview of the upcoming live action movie which was actually the live action actors voicing their roles in the anime, The segment ends with Gintoki lipsynching his live action actor Shun Oguri picture telling the viewers to watch the rerun series along with the live action movie in July

The next episode preview was about to announce the upcoming episode but then realizing that there are no more episodes, and that the semi-final miniseries is a tie-in to the FINAL movie so it instead thank the viewers for watching the anime series for the last 15 years.

When they get there, Gumball is surprised to find out that the "fight" is actually a tennis match pitting him and Darwin against Carlton and Troy. Troy serves the ball, starting the game, and Richwood High relentlessly scores points against Gumball and Darwin. Neither Gumball nor Darwin care very much about the game and spend most of it goofing off. However, when Mr. Kreese sees that Gumball and Darwin are still doing nothing, he believes they are plotting an attack against Richwood and orders Carlton to injure Gumball, even though they are only one score away from winning. When Carlton serves the next shot, Gumball, who is not paying attention, is hit in the butt by the ball.

In a locker room, Mr. Small attempts to heal Gumball, but Gumball, discovering he would be in saliva to heal, chooses to go back out onto the court. Mr. Kreese, Carlton, and Troy are impressed by Gumball's endurance and begin to believe he really is hardcore. The game ends with a Richwood High win, but Carlton walks over and gives them his one of his sweaters, calling it his respect. Gumball sees how many sweaters he was wearing, and asks him if he wears sweaters as his underwear. He and everyone else laugh, except for Gumball and Darwin, and Gumball states he was right when he predicted the ending of the episode.

Ousama Ranking episode 22 starts with Bosse telling Daida about his time with Miranjo. After rescuing her from the villagers, Bosse tried to take care of a grieving Miranjo. One night she tried to jump off of a cliff, but Bosse caught and the two shared a cathartic moment of crying together.

Hiling arrived and was told by Daida that Bojji saved them. The Queen was not surprised, having maintained faith in both of her sons. She tried to praise the two princes as head of state, but her maternal emotions soon overwhelmed her as she hugged her boys, proud of how far they have come. She was severely shocked, however, when Daida informed her that he was going to marry Miranjo. 041b061a72


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