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No Trespassing Too Short Zip

Between 2011 and 2013, the Grand Rapids Police Department either cited or arrested approximately 560 people for trespassing on business property, pursuant to the trespassing-letter policy. In a city in which Black people make up roughly 20 percent of the population, 59 percent of those detained for trespassing under this policy were Black. Perhaps even more telling is the fact that African-Americans are more than twice as likely as whites to be arrested, rather than simply ticketed, when the police bring charges for trespassing on the property of an open business in Grand Rapids.

No Trespassing Too Short Zip

Traditionally, for criminal or civil trespass, there is some level of intent required. The trespasser must not simply accidentally cross another's land but must knowingly go onto the property without permission. Knowledge may be inferred when the owner tells the trespasser not to go on the land, when the land is fenced, or when a "no trespassing" sign is posted.

If you think someone is entering your property unlawfully, it will help to get an understanding of trespassing law and the various exceptions. Get in touch with a skilled real estate attorney near you to learn how the law applies to your particular situation.

Struggling with a problem vacation rental that is licensed to operate in your neighborhood? We are here to help with two new tools to combat problem short-term and vacation rental properties. Whether it is a loud party, concerns with parking or trash, you can report it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a live operator via a dedicated customer service telephone phone number, or via a real-time website. To report an issue simply: Log On

Overview: Wild turkeys occur throughout the ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests in summer and into early fall (including the spring and fall seasons). Meadows and the edges of grasslands are important to hens and poults seeking insects and for turkeys seeking green herbaceous vegetation when mast is in short supply. The primary mast species in Unit 7 are ponderosa pine, juniper, and pinion pine. Unlike other turkey units around Flagstaff, oaks trees are scarce in Unit 7. When ponderosa pine seed is abundant, the birds can be found throughout the fairly extensive Ponderosa stands in the unit.

PARK WATER LEVELS: Despite a Tier 1 shortage declaration for Colorado River operations which began on Jan. 1, 2022, CAP is not expecting the Lake Pleasant water level to be significantly impacted this year. CAP expects the lake level to go down, but not outside normal historical operating ranges. Updated on: 3/9/2022

West Beach is located 9 miles west of the Visitor Center along County Line Road, just north of U.S. Highway 12. West Beach offers several amenities including a bathhouse, swimming area, picnicking, nature trails, and accessible equipment like beach wheelchairs. West Beach has three looped trails named Long Lake Trail, West Beach Trail, and the Dune Succession Trail. Long Lake Trail is situated along the western side of West Beach and loops past a small lake within the park boundary called Long Lake. The West Beach Trail connects Long Lake Trail and the Dune Succession Trail at the center. It circles from the parking lot south and east towards Long Lake and then loops west and north towards Lake Michigan. The Dune Succession trail loops from the parking lot north and west toward the shoreline. It travels a short distance east along the shore before looping south and connecting with the West Beach Trail.

On the south side of U.S. Highway 12 and 9 miles west of the Visitor Center, in an area just south of West Beach, is the Tolleston Dunes accessible Overlook. The overlook offers a short, accessible walk to an observation platform overlooking a wetland. One mile east of the overlook is the Tolleston Dunes Trail. The Tolleston Dunes Trail can be used for cross-country skiing when the snow base is 3 inches or more. The rest of the year, the trail can be hiked. Parking is located at the trailhead. The lollipop-shaped trail progresses south from the parking lot and turns sharply west into an area wetland. The trail loops around through the wetland before heading back east and re-connecting with the north-south trail to the parking lot.

Approximately 5 miles northeast of the Visitor Center, north of U.S. Highway 12, along the shoreline, is the Kemil Beach Access Point. Parking for Kemil Beach is available off East State Park Road. Situated in the parking lot for Kemil Beach is the trailhead for the short lollipop-shaped Dune Ridge Trail. East State Park Road, which runs north and south, turns right, becoming Lake Front Drive and heads east-west along the shoreline. One quarter mile east from Kemil Beach Access Point is the parking lot for the Dunbar Beach Access Point. Continuing east along Lake Front Drive, approximately 1 tenth of a mile, is the 1933 Century of Progress Homes district. Just east of the Century of Progress homes is the town of Beverly Shores. Beverly shores is surrounded in all directions by the National Park. Broadway Avenue connects Lake Front Drive to U.S. Highway 12 through the town. Located on Broadway, approximately 6 miles north east of the Visitor Center, is the partially accessible Great Marsh Trail. The Great Marsh Trail has 2 parking lots, the northern-most parking lot and trail are accessible. The southern-most parking lot and trail connect to the lollipop-shaped accessible portion of the trail.

Approximately 7 miles northeast from the Visitor Center is the Central Avenue Beach Access Point. Central Beach is at the northern terminus of Central Avenue. A short trail leads northward from the parking lot toward the shoreline.

At the eastern-most edge of the park, approximately 10 miles northeast from the Visitor Center, is Mount Baldy. A short trail leads from the parking lot northward towards the beach. Parking and picnic shelters are available.

IN-DEPTH DESCRIPTION: Three individuals in a wooden boat wear short-sleeved white shirts. The individual in the middle is wearing overalls. The shoreline appears to be bordered by tall trees. Photo is placed directly below the drawing of the irises and below and to the left of the ranger program photo. This photo on a blue-gray background page is a collage of 3 small photographs and 2 drawings depicting West Beach.

SYNOPSIS: Two women carry a woven picnic basket along the sandy beach. The woman on the right is dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt and darkly colored pants and boots. Her hair is short and blond and she has a large smile on her face. The woman on the left is wearing a light colored, long-sleeved shirt underneath medium-shaded overalls. Her shoulder-length hair is dark and curly. In the background a shirtless gentleman can be seen in a bathing suit close to the shoreline on the left side of the photo. On the right, in the background, a grass and tree covered dune slopes upward off camera.

IN-DEPTH DESCRIPTION: In the center of the photo are three individuals; two children, and one adult female. One child is smiling while sitting on the ground wearing shorts and a sleeveless dark-colored shirt, and the other, in the same attire, is standing grasping a bucket in the right hand, while looking down at the other child. The adult is standing behind the children folding a blanket. A large square shaped tent with a triangular roof and four vertical sides are behind the family. The tent is taller than the adult, and has a shaded canopy protruding from the door. There is a forest of shaded trees in the background. On the left, in the foreground of the photo, is a large leafy bush, and on the right, is a picnic table with a large tarp draped over the top.

Warning or notice required. In many states, laws require there be a warning that you aren't allowed to be on property before you can be convicted for trespassing on the property. While a property owner can directly tell a trespasser to leave the premises, in many states, there are other ways to provide notice that property is off limits. For example, a sign saying "No Trespassing," a fence around the property, or a locked door to the property will do the job.

Specific acts considered trespass. Many states have a general description of trespassing and also outline specific acts that count as the crime. Hunting on someone else's land, cutting down trees without permission, or even tampering with vending machines can be a form of criminal trespass. Entering or remaining in a motor vehicle without the owner's permission is another common form of criminal trespass.

The short answer to this is no. Each patron past our gated entry needs a lift ticket and furthermore needs to be in ski/snowboard gear. We do not allow non-employee uphill traffic on our hills. Exceptions may be made for individuals on a case by case basis. Contact management with further questions.


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