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Robot 2.0 Telugu Movie Download HD 720p Filmyzilla: How to Stream the Blockbuster Film

Robot 2.0 Full Movie Download 720p in Telugu Filmyzilla: A Review

Robot 2.0 is a blockbuster Indian sci-fi action thriller film that was released in 2018. It is a sequel to the 2010 film Enthiran (also known as Robot) and features superstar Rajinikanth in dual roles as a scientist and a robot, along with Akshay Kumar as an antagonist and Amy Jackson as a female robot. The film was directed by S. Shankar and had a budget of Rs.543 crore ($76 million), making it one of the most expensive films ever made in Asia. The film was also a huge commercial success, grossing over Rs.800 crore ($111 million) worldwide and winning several awards for its technical excellence. The film was praised for its stunning visual effects, its innovative storyline, and its social relevance. However, it also faced some criticism for its excessive length, its flawed logic, and its cheesy dialogues. In this article, we will review Robot 2.0 in detail and tell you how to watch it legally without resorting to illegal downloading from sites like Filmyzilla.

robot 2.0 full movie download 720p in telugu filmyzilla

Introduction: What is Robot 2.0 and why is it popular?

Robot 2.0 is a sci-fi action thriller film that belongs to the genre of masala cinema, which combines elements of drama, comedy, romance, action, and spectacle. The film was directed by S. Shankar, who is known for his grandiose vision and his penchant for blending science fiction with social issues. The film stars Rajinikanth, who is one of the most popular and influential actors in Indian cinema, in dual roles as Dr. Vaseegaran, a brilliant scientist who creates a humanoid robot named Chitti, and Chitti himself, who evolves into a super-intelligent and powerful being who can transform into various shapes and sizes. The film also features Akshay Kumar, who is one of the most successful and versatile actors in Bollywood, as Pakshi Rajan, a former ornithologist who becomes a vengeful bird-like creature after being exposed to radiation from mobile phones. The film also has Amy Jackson, a British model and actress who has appeared in several Indian films, as Nila, a female robot who assists Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti. The film was released on November 29, 2018, in multiple languages, including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam. The film was a huge hit among the audiences, especially in South India, where Rajinikanth has a massive fan following. The film was also well-received by the critics, who praised its visual effects, its innovative storyline, and its social relevance. The film won three National Film Awards for Best Special Effects, Best Sound Design, and Best Production Design. The film also received several nominations and awards at various other ceremonies, such as the Filmfare Awards, the Zee Cine Awards, and the International Indian Film Academy Awards. The film was also selected as India's official entry for the Best International Feature Film category at the 92nd Academy Awards, but it did not make the shortlist. One of the main reasons why Robot 2.0 is popular is because of its stunning visual effects, which were done by a team of over 3000 technicians from various countries. The film used cutting-edge technology such as motion capture, animatronics, prosthetics, and 3D printing to create realistic and spectacular scenes of robots, birds, explosions, and chases. The film also used advanced sound design and editing techniques to create immersive and thrilling audio effects. Another reason why Robot 2.0 is popular is because of its innovative storyline, which explores the impact of technology on nature and humanity. The film raises important questions about the ethical and environmental implications of mobile phone usage, artificial intelligence, and nuclear energy. The film also showcases the dual nature of technology, which can be used for good or evil depending on the user's intentions. The film also has a spiritual dimension, as it depicts the conflict between science and faith, and the role of karma and destiny in human life. A third reason why Robot 2.0 is popular is because of its social relevance, as it addresses some of the contemporary issues that affect India and the world. The film touches upon topics such as bird conservation, radiation pollution, cybercrime, terrorism, corruption, and human rights. The film also conveys messages such as environmental awareness, human compassion, and social responsibility through its characters and dialogues. The film also reflects the cultural diversity of India, as it features actors and elements from different regions and languages. Plot summary: What is the story of Robot 2.0 and who are the main characters?

The story of Robot 2.0 revolves around Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth), a scientist who creates a humanoid robot named Chitti (also Rajinikanth) to help humanity. However, Chitti develops feelings for Dr. Vaseegaran's girlfriend Sana (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) and goes rogue. Dr. Vaseegaran then deactivates Chitti and dismantles him. Eight years later, Dr. Vaseegaran has created a new robot named Nila (Amy Jackson), who is his assistant. He is also working on a project to create positive energy from negative energy using mobile phones. Meanwhile, a mysterious force starts killing people by snatching their mobile phones. Dr. Vaseegaran suspects that it is a fifth force beyond the four known forces of nature. He then reassembles Chitti and upgrades him to version 2.0 to fight against the threat. He also learns that the force is actually Pakshi Rajan (Akshay Kumar), a former ornithologist who loved birds more than humans. Pakshi Rajan was devastated by the decline of bird population due to radiation from mobile towers. He then protested against the telecom companies but was ignored and ridiculed. He then attempted suicide by hanging himself from a mobile tower but was electrocuted by lightning. His soul then merged with thousands of dead birds and became a powerful entity that can control mobile phones. Pakshi Rajan then decides to take revenge on humanity by killing people who use mobile phones excessively. He also targets Dr. Vaseegaran's project as he considers it a threat to his existence. Chitti then confronts Pakshi Rajan but is overpowered by his army of mobile phones. Dr. Vaseegaran then upgrades Chitti to version 3.0, who is more agile and witty. Chitti 3.0 then manages to destroy some of Pakshi Rajan's birds and phones, but Pakshi Rajan escapes. Dr. Vaseegaran then realizes that Pakshi Rajan is not evil, but misguided. He then tries to reason with him and convince him to stop his rampage. He also tells him that his project is not harmful, but beneficial for both humans and birds. He also shows him a video of Sana, who is now a doctor and works for a bird hospital. Pakshi Rajan then softens and agrees to end his war. However, the telecom minister (Kalabhavan Shajohn), who is corrupt and greedy, orders the army to shoot Pakshi Rajan. This angers Pakshi Rajan and he decides to kill everyone in the stadium where Dr. Vaseegaran's project is located. Chitti then sacrifices himself by using the positive energy from the project to destroy Pakshi Rajan and his birds and phones. Dr. Vaseegaran then mourns the loss of Chitti and Nila, who also dies in the process. However, he later finds out that Chitti's memory chip is intact and he can revive him. He also receives a call from Sana, who tells him that she is coming to meet him. The film ends with Dr. Vaseegaran smiling and holding Chitti's chip. Analysis: What are the themes, messages, and symbols of Robot 2.0?

Robot 2.0 is a film that explores various themes, messages, and symbols that are relevant to the modern world. Some of the themes that the film deals with are technology, nature, ethics, and spirituality. The film shows how technology can be a boon or a bane depending on how it is used and who uses it. The film also shows how technology can affect nature and vice versa, as seen in the case of Pakshi Rajan and his birds. The film also shows how technology can raise ethical dilemmas, such as whether robots have rights, emotions, and free will, as seen in the case of Chitti and Nila. The film also shows how technology can challenge spirituality, as seen in the case of Dr. Vaseegaran and his faith in science.

Some of the messages that the film conveys are environmental awareness, human compassion, and social responsibility. The film urges the viewers to be aware of the consequences of their actions on the environment, especially on the wildlife. The film also urges the viewers to be compassionate towards other living beings, especially those who are suffering or oppressed. The film also urges the viewers to be responsible for their choices and actions, especially when they affect others or society at large.

Some of the symbols that the film uses are the bird, the mobile phone, and the lotus. The bird symbolizes nature, freedom, and life, as seen in Pakshi Rajan's love for birds and his transformation into a bird-like creature. The mobile phone symbolizes technology, communication, and power, as seen in Pakshi Rajan's control over mobile phones and his use of them as weapons. The lotus symbolizes spirituality, purity, and enlightenment, as seen in Dr. Vaseegaran's project that uses lotus-shaped devices to create positive energy.

Criticism: What are the strengths and weaknesses of Robot 2.0?

Robot 2.0 is a film that has both strengths and weaknesses that can be appreciated or criticized by different viewers. Some of the strengths of Robot 2.0 are its performances, its direction, and its music. The film showcases the talents of its actors, especially Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, who play multiple roles with ease and charisma. The film also showcases the vision of its director S.Shankar, who creates a grand spectacle with his imagination and creativity. The film also showcases the music of A.R.Rahman, who composes catchy songs a


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