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Music Theory In Practice Grade 1 Pdf Download ~REPACK~

Program Requirements:

Music Theory In Practice Grade 1 Pdf Download

  • Music Minor

  • Two undergraduate courses in Music (total of four or more courses)

  • One credit in Art and Music History

  • One credit in Music (five classes)

  • One elective (three to five credit hours)

  • Performance (one hour)

The Music Minor is for students who are interested in the study of music at the graduate level, but do not wish to pursue a degree in Music. An extensive range of courses is made available for study in several fields of music, including vocal, instrumental, choral, keyboard, conducting, orchestral and chamber music.

The primary focus is on developing students' skills in different types of performance, repertoire, and genre. Graduates will be able to develop a broad-based career on any stage, with any instrument, and perform the art in a variety of settings. The minor includes courses in music theory, music history, music appreciation, and ethnomusicology. Applicants are required to pass an audition, for which there is a non-refundable fee. Students who wish to study Music must consult with a supervisor as part of the pre-major planning process. They may request the support and input of a faculty advisor as they design their program of study.

The Music Major program is formally known as the Bachelor of Music (BMus) program and provides complete training in all areas of music. Successful completion of the program leads to a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Arts and Science and permits entrance to the Graduate School of Music.

Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Music program are eligible to apply for the Master of Music degree, which admits students who specialize in one or more areas of music such as composition, performance and/or conducting.


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