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The Cheapest Place To Buy Tires

Installation-wise, each tire bought at Walmart will cost you around $25. However, this cost also includes a road hazard protection warranty, specifically for flat tire repair and replacement. You can also get a lifetime lug re-torque for every 50 miles and rotation and balance for every 7,500 miles for an additional cost.

the cheapest place to buy tires

The problem with Costco is that, as of writing, they only have a short list of tire brands available, namely BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, and Michelin. Another is that you have to be a member to be able to buy tires from them.

Installation-wise, you have to pay it separately. They have local installers where you can have the tires drop-shipped, as well as mobile installers who can install the tires at your home. The shipping fee is free, though, if your order costs at least fifty dollars.

To find the best places to buy tires, I considered various popular online and in-store tire retailers and then weighed several factors in my own research. These factors included tire price, cost of installation, selection, free services and warranty information.

In 2019, Consumer Reports (subscription required) surveyed nearly 50,000 of its subscribers to ask about cost, selection, sales service and free perks when it came to purchasing tires. The magazine collected data on 31 tire stores.

To get an idea of how to accurately price compare across top tire retailers, I looked at the current prices of two specific popular tires at each store. Then, I checked out the range of prices and availability for tires for two popular vehicles.

If you plan on having your tires installed at Walmart, know that installation will cost an additional $11 per tire if you bring in tires that you purchased elsewhere. And if you want the road hazard protection warranty, the cost of installation for tires purchased at Walmart is $25 each.

At Costco, the cost of installation is included in the quoted price of the tires. This may be one reason that the initial prices seem higher than competitors on some tires, but after factoring in installation, Costco could be one of your cheapest options.

Based on this information, Walmart offers the cheapest installation, but if the total cost of your tires is cheaper at Costco than the total cost of tires and installation at Walmart, Costco may be your best bet.

Walmart includes lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles and 50-mile lug re-torques with the installation. For $10 more per tire ($25 per tire total), you can also get the road hazard protection warranty that covers flat repairs and eligible replacements.

While Costco may not be cheapest option on the list, it is one of the highest rated. Plus, several times a year, the warehouse club will discount select brands of tires by $40 to $80 and offer installation for just a penny per tire (regularly $19.99 per tire).

If you're an automotive enthusiast, you're likely familiar with the offerings from Tire Rack. The Indiana-based online tire retailer and wheel seller has been the go-to for that hard-to-find wheel, offering tire sizes for everything from classic cars to trackable vehicles. Tire Rack tests tires on its track and on a road course. It also uses a hockey rink for ice driving and winter tires testing. It rates the tires on its site and you can browse its results to find a quality tire and best tire deals that fit your needs.

Tire Rack's site has a Tire Decision Guide, a tool that helps guide you to the right tires for your vehicle. The survey suggests the right tires for you based on the answers that you supply. You can prioritize pricing and performance and find the best tire brand option for your needs. You can also search by type of tire such as summer tires, winter tires or all season tires. If you prefer to search by brand, you'll find a wide selection including Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, Goodyear tires, Michelin tires, Cooper tires options and more.

According to Matt Edmonds, executive vice president at Tire Rack, if you order a tire that doesn't appear to fit the vehicle you own, one of Tire Rack's customer service representatives will reach out to double confirm that you want the tires you have chosen. That's because returning tires that don't fit is not easy. Tire Rack does allow returns within 30 days of your tire purchase, but you'll need to call its customer service line to find the best solution to return tires that aren't right for you.

Tire Rack also offers a free two-year road hazard warranty on all the tires it sells (on top of the manufacturer's warranty for whatever tires you choose). If you get a flat thanks to a road condition like a pothole or hit a nail on your way to work, Tire Rack will cover your tire repair or replacement with limitations. Conditions do apply, so be sure to read the details of the warranty.

For tire installation, Tire Rack works with local installers all over the country that have been vetted by the company. You choose your tires and can have them dropped shipped to a local tire center that is a Tire Rack-approved installer. Installation costs vary based on location and types of tires. You can also utilize Tire Rack-approved mobile installers as well and have the tires drop-shipped to your home. Tire Rack offers free shipping on orders over $50.

The Indiana-based company also does offer sales and discounted tires. Edmonds notes that nothing is wrong with the tires the company has on sale, and in many cases the tire deals are offered at a discount because there are new versions coming in, or the tires have been sitting in climate-controlled storage and are two years old or more. offers similar features to Tire Rack and Discount Tire (below) by allowing you to purchase tires online, ship them to a local installer, and get them installed. is owned by one of the largest tire distributors in the US, American Tire Distributors.

If you buy your car tires at, it'll ship them free to one of its 10,000 installers all over the country. However, the online tire retailer will also ship them to your home free of charge. Because it is part of such a large network of tire distributors, Tirebuyer says you can get your tires to your installer within 24 to 48 hours of ordering.

Tirebuyer does not offer a robust sizing tool to choose the right tires like Discount Tire and Tire Rack do, but should you end up with the wrong tires, you have a few options to return them. If you had the tires shipped to an installer, returns are free and handled at the installer. TireBuyer has its own network of trucks, which makes it easier to handle these kinds of returns. If you had the tires sent to your home or a non-Tirebuyer shop, you'll need to use FedEx to ship. The return shipping fees (usually $7.50 per tire when you drop the tires off at a FedEx location, or $15 per tire when you arrange a FedEx pickup) will come out of your refund. also offers a relatively liberal return policy for tires that have been used. You have up to 45 days to return tires, though there are some rules (they can't have been used off-road, they can't have uneven wear, etc.) that you can learn more about here.

One thing to note, when we tried to find tires for our 1989 Volvo 240 DL Wagon, had no suggestions in or around the Los Angeles area. Also, Tirebuyer did not show up on Consumer Reports' survey, but like Tire Rack it has an A-plus BBB rating.

Discount Tire is a bit of a hybrid in the online/brick-and-mortar tire space. While you can purchase tires online through its site Discount Tire Direct, you can also have them drop-shipped to your local Discount Tire or America's Tire shop (the name is different depending on where in the country you live). You can also choose to shop in-store for the right tire at a Discount Tire as well.

You can choose to shop for tires at one of the local shops or you can shop online, have the tires drop-shipped to the Discount Tire or America's Tire local shop of your choice, and have them installed.

If you aren't sure which tires would work for your vehicle, Discount Tire offers Treadwell, an in-house developed system that uses data from customers as well as real-world testing data (like that that Tire Rack creates) to help you find the right tires for your needs. You put in your vehicle year, make, and model; how many miles you drive per year; and the ZIP code you drive in, then the system gives you a number of suggestions based on your input. You can prioritize handling, stopping distance, the life of the tire and comfort and noise, from which the system will give you a recommended list. Discount Tire offers free ground shipping in the 48 contiguous states.

The site also allows you to make an appointment online to have your new tires installed. Discount Tire offers a handy tire size calculator in case it seems like you can't find the exact size that is currently on your vehicle.

Discount Tire says that if you're not satisfied with your purchase, it will do its best to make it right. If you've purchased tires online and they turn out to be wrong, you can return them, but the language in the return policy is a bit strict for Discount Tire Direct. You have to repackage them correctly with the original packaging or you could forfeit your return.

The tire vendor also offers a pretty robust road-hazard warranty, too, for a price. While it offers a pro-rated and free road hazard coverage, it also offers a warranty that extends for three years. It covers road hazard damage including tire repair for the first three years of tire ownership with its Certificate program that you can opt for when you purchase and have tires installed at one of its shops. The prices can range from $10 per tire to as much as $100 per tire, depending on how pricey the tires you purchased are.

For those on the hunt for cheap tire deals, Discount Tire does offer rebates and promotions for cheap tires that are always changing. You can see more about the most recent discounts and promotions here. 041b061a72


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