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World Of Warcraft Ptr Download Eu LINK

On March 27th, 2012, a Patch 4.3.4 (build 15499) PTR 64-bit client was made available for download on the PTR Discussion forum (US).[12] On April 2nd, 2012, the build version was updated to 15531, but with no additional info.[13] On April 14th, 2012, build 15595 appeared on the PTR, but no 64-bit client until April 16th, 2012.[14] Although Patch 4.3.4 went live on April 17th, 2012, it was still in testing[15] for about 7 hours before the 64-bit version was made available.[16]

World Of Warcraft Ptr Download Eu

Download File:

A 64-bit client for Windows (WoW-64.exe) was quietly downloaded with build 15640 of the Mists of Pandaria Beta that was noticed by some users and clarified by an MVP.[17] The key difference between this test release and previous Live and PTR releases was that it was installed with Launcher and did not have to be installed manually. MVP Bluspacecow predicted correctly that a 64-bit Mac OS X client (World of would be available with build 15657.[18]

Sadly, there was no Mac 64-bit client available for build 15668[19] and Blizzard said previous users much switch to the 32-bit client via the Launcher's Game Preferences dialog. Unfortunately, the Launcher might get in a vicious cycle where it would download a corrupt file (incomplete? 32-bit?), detect it, and disable the Game Preferences menu item. If this occurs, users are advised to delete the wow-0-15668-OSX-final.MPQ file from their Updates/ directory and try to select "Launch 32-bit client" from the Game Preferences before the corrupt file finished downloading. Afterwards, users would likely have to delete the wow-0-15668-OSX-final.MPQ file again and then the 32-bit update should proceed normally on the next Launcher start. After successfully switching to the 32-bit client, everything should be fine.

On May 10th, 2012, minor progress was made with the 64-bit client for build 15677, as the client downloads and launches successfully for both Mac and Windows, but crashes immediately after character selection.[20] Continuing the 2-day cycle, build 15689 was released later May 12th, 2012[21][22] and the 64-bit client is working again.[23]

An MMORPG-focused video game writer for GameRant for one year and counting, Eric cut his teeth on gaming since he was a wee lad watching his father play Lands of Lore. Equipped with a +1 Bachelor's Degree of Creative Writing, he seeks to spread his love of characterization, world-building, and inclusivity far and wide. His nerd specializations of choice are Dungeons & Dragons and narrative-focused RPGs (Especially of the MMO variety.)

Here is a full and complete step-by-step set of instructions for copying characters, downloading/installing the Public Test Realm, running the PTR, patching and reinstalling the PTR, and getting on the public test realm and TTR. This guide is written for a beginner-level audience, but expects basic knowledge of using a web browser and getting around the filesystem.

The PTR is a special version of WoW that stands on its own from your regular copy of WoW. Go to the download page and select "PC" or "Mac" in order to download the client. Click "PC" if you're running Windows, "Mac" if running OS X and above. Linux users should probably downloading the Windows version to run via Wine.

Once the PTR installer is done downloading (it's around 100MiB or so), run it. It should ask you where you want to install the PTR. The default location typically works fine. If it doesn't ask, and instead complains about WoW not being installed: right-click on whatever shortcut you use to start World of Warcraft and choose the "Run as administrator" option. Log in, then exit. Then rerun the PTR installer.

Remember where you choose to install the PTR, so that you can access it later if need be. The base PTR install is a second copy of World of Warcraft on your computer, at version 4.0.0 (build 12824). Since we're past that now, there will be a large amount of downloads to follow to patch it up to the latest build of the PTR (about 1-2GB).

Once you have finished installing the Launcher for the Public Test realm will come up. If necessary it will download a small update to update the Launcher and run again. Depending on how many patches it needs to download it will loop the patching process until finished. This is normal. It will download a patch installer, update the PTR then download the next patch it needs. Your patience is required with this :)

Please note that as the PTR phase progresses Blizzard will put out new builds regularly. These need to be downloaded and installed one by one in order to get on the PTR. A good idea to keep your PTR updated is to log on the PTR at least once per week or whenever they put out a new build. Make sure you are starting the PTR up by opening the Launcher inside the World of Warcraft Public Test folder. This is to make sure you download any needed Launcher updates

You can just update it simply by opening the "World of Warcraft Public Test" folder and opening the Launcher.exe inside that folder. The Launcher should automatically download a patch installer to upload your old Public Test Realm folder to the new PTR.

There are often a multitude of small patches required in order to get the PTR up to date. For most users, simply running the PTR (and/or the Launcher) will download and install the patches without any issues. 350c69d7ab


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