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Battlefield 3 Highly Compressed Pc Games (573 Mb)

battlefield 3s multiplayer is supported on all platforms. players may also download battlefield 3 game highly compressed pc game, origin, battle net or epic games setup file. besides this, the multiplayer component of the game includes a game mode called operation metro, in which the map is created around a metro station. also there are several new game modes introduced in this version, notably the ability to have two squads per team and the elimination of the capture the point game mode. in addition, players who complete the single-player campaigns can play in multiplayer, as opposed to having to replay the campaign with different characters.

Battlefield 3 highly compressed pc games (573 mb)


battlefield 3 is available in both normal and premium modes, each of which offers a different experience. in normal mode, players are provided with a greater degree of customization than in premium mode. premium mode offers players a variety of additional content, including single-player and co-op campaigns, vehicles, more weapons and gadgets, and more game modes. all of this content is available in-game upon purchase of the game. the game's price is $59.99 in north america and 59.99 in europe, and $49.99 in australia. it is available in a season pass, which provides all available updates upon purchase. the season pass also includes the above content, as well as three additional weapons and gadgets, and five more single-player and co-op missions.

battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by dice and published by electronic arts for microsoft windows, playstation 3 and xbox 360. it is a direct sequel to 2005s battlefield 2, and the seventh main installment in the battlefield franchise.this is the world best first person shooter game in which you have to control approximately 4 characters specially antagonist will be solomon who is an asset of cia, also you will have to control henry blackbum for most of the missions. the downloading way is very unique and simple. multi players mode to unlock the additional content are include in this game. the best thing about this game is that maps are found to help you to cover paris, wake island, sulaymaniah, new york. comprehensive graphics make this game more stunning. it also has special set of armory which gives you vision to the future weapons and game play is very cooperative. altogether this game is very interesting and awesome. you may also like to download battlefield 4.


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