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How Diag Activator Autocom Can Help You Perform Various Functions on Your Vehicle

I am totally confused if it comes with keygen what is there to activate I thought keygen was the activator and what do you use to extract the files or do they need to be extracted I ask because I am new to Delphi and Autocom. Do you also offer Teamviewer

Diag Activator Autocom

 Autocom TITAN specification:- Dimensions: 124 x 124 x 30 mm- Operating temperature: -20 40 C- Voltage: 6-36 V- Max current: 500 mA- Weight: 560 gSystem requirements:- Intel Core i5 or better- Windows 10 or Windows 8- 4 GB Ram (depending on the OS)- 12 GB free space on the hard drive- Screen resolution of 1440 x 900 or higher- Connection to the Internet- Bluetooth (SPP) or USB- Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher

This is a remote installation & activation service for Autocom Software (Cars + Trucks). We will fully install and Activate the program in real-time via a scheduled TeamViewer or AnyDesk session. As we will resolve any underlying issue related to your VCI or Windows system that prevents the software from operating properly.

The diag activator can also be used as a remote diagnostic computer. You don't need to connect the computers with a cable, since the diag activator can be used as a wireless remote diagnostic computer.

Do you need to download the required software? To eliminate the need to download anything, the diag activator has a built-in update function. You can update the software to the newest version, with just one click of your mouse. You don't need to worry about downloading files, or extracting them. The diag activator will update itself from the vehicles OBD-II diagnostic port.


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