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Anno 1404 Gold Edition (GOG) SKIDROW

Anno 1404 Gold Edition (GOG) SKIDROW

Anno 1404 Gold Edition is a strategy game that combines city-building, economic management, exploration, diplomacy and combat. It was developed by Related Designs and Blue Byte, and published by Ubisoft in 2009. The game is set in the 15th century, during the Age of Discovery, and allows players to create and manage their own civilizations in Europe and the Orient.

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The Gold Edition includes the original game and its expansion, Anno 1404: Venice, which adds a new campaign, a new civilization, new features and multiplayer modes. The game is available on, a digital distribution platform that offers DRM-free games and classic titles. also provides bonus content for Anno 1404 Gold Edition, such as wallpapers, soundtracks, artbooks and manuals.

SKIDROW is a group of hackers and crackers that releases cracked versions of games, bypassing the copy protection and digital rights management systems. SKIDROW has released a cracked version of Anno 1404 Gold Edition (GOG) that allows players to play the game without purchasing it from However, this practice is illegal and unethical, as it violates the intellectual property rights of the developers and publishers, and harms the gaming industry.

Therefore, it is recommended that players who are interested in Anno 1404 Gold Edition purchase it legally from, where they can enjoy the game with all its features and updates, as well as support the creators and the platform. Anno 1404 Gold Edition is currently on sale for -75% off until September 6, 2023, so don't miss this opportunity to get this amazing game at a great price!


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